Saturday, July 31, 2010

a little | hand painted aisle runner


I know I'm going on a little wedding kick today, but I couldn't help but share my hand painted aisle runner. I got the idea from Bell Creation. I designed a logo that was used on a lot of our printed material, so when I saw the idea I knew instead of a monogram I had to use our logo.

a little | wedding love


As a graphic designer, I had so much fun creating the printed material for my wedding. Unfortunately, I have yet to take any photos of my invitations, but here is my other favorite piece...the programs.


Friday, July 23, 2010

a little | origami


Found via Bloesem Kids

Another find I feel like would be great to use with my students. Parent's love when their artwork actually looks good hanging in their house and I think this would be the perfect project for that. Plus I could use one of my favorite artists, Jasper Johns, as a point of reference.

Here is the tutorial. It has great diagrams and even animations.

a little | monster bag


Found via Bloesem Kids

I have always been a fan of the Ugly Dolls, but when I saw this bag I again thought "Oh how I wish I could sew." Then I looked at the tutorial and realized it was a no sew project! I'm even thinking it could be a fun one to do with my students.

a little | blog party

I have never participated in a blog party. Actually, I just learned what one is today. I thought these two looked like fun and an easy one to get me started. Here we go. :)

New Friend Fridays The Girl Creative

Thursday, July 22, 2010

a little | repurposed picture frame


I never would have thought to turn a picture frame into a tray. What a great idea! My mom recently made some curtains for our townhouse. I am thinking how great this tray would look with my curtain fabric sitting in the middle of my dining room table. Now if I can find the right frame to use...

Friday, July 16, 2010

a little | fourth of july love

Found via Greedy Girl

The fourth of July has to be my favorite holiday for many reasons. My grandmother's birthday was the fourth of July, so my memories of this holiday always involve celebrating with family, eating lobster at the cottage in Maine (okay, everyone else had lobster I had a hot dog), and of course fireworks. When I saw this dress it made me want to celebrate all over again. And the price tag really isn't too bad either.

a little | ghost of halloween future

Found via Scoutie Girl

How stinkin' cute is this outfit. Mark my words, one of my future children will wear this as a halloween costume. Luckily, I have a seamstress mother (who is also a librarian, so she will LOVE this idea) who can hopefully make this happen for me.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a little | traveling book club


A group of girlfriends and I are starting a traveling book club. We recently had 2 very good friends move away, so to keep them in the loop we came up with the idea for our traveling book club. The premise is each month you receive a book and the following month you pass that book along. We never really discuss the books, but this way we have a new book to read each month and plus it is always fun to receive mail.

After being inspired by this library kit, I of course felt like we needed one of our own. Then I saw Rock Paper Scissors Via Airmail post and I knew just the theme to use. Click here to view the pdf and start your own traveling book club. The pdf includes a library pocket, a ratings card, and a bookmark.