Sunday, March 20, 2011

a little | more potatoes


I must just be hungry lately, but couldn't resist posting these parmesan roasted potatoes. Another one I will definitely be trying soon.

a little | mashtinis


A couple years back I went to a friend's wedding and she had the most delicious mashed potatoes served out of martini glasses. I love the idea of doing a mashed potato bar for a party. And the parfaitinis for dessert...genius! Check out the details here.

a little | halloween in march


I know it may be a little early for a Halloween post, but we all know how much I love Halloween. Just couldn't resist! Though I think I might use an orange or bright green boa instead of the pink. Thanks Flamingo Toes for this great tutorial! You'll have to wait until closer to October to see my version.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

a little | mini pot pies


Speaking of cooking, like I said I have been trying to cook a lot more lately. Last night I made these delicious mini pot pies. Thank you pillsbury for sending this recipe to my inbox. I did have a hard time finding the potatoes and onions, so instead I just used diced hashbowns defrosted slightly in the oven. I was also able to get six pot pies out of it instead of just five.
I found the ramekins at Crate and Barrel.

a little | swedish potatoes


I have been trying to cook a lot more lately and I think I will have to try this potato recipe soon.

a little | edible tea cups


As soon as I saw these edible tea cups I wanted to throw a tea party for my girlfriends. How perfect would these be for an Alice in Wonderland themed party.