Saturday, May 22, 2010

a little | real life diy #1

This is hopefully my first of many real life diy posts. I see all of these great diy projects on blogs and then I wonder if they really turn out as well in real life. Experiment #1 was a SUCCESS!!

I posted here that I was planning on trying this one first, so last night I broke out the mod podge and tiles and gave it a try. Here are my results:


I was inspired by the art of coulson macleod. I used that same typographic style for the art on these custom coasters. We have a wedding coming up in the middle of June and I think these will make the perfect gift. I used a 'Hard Coat' mod podge that allowed me to turn 4 decorative tile into 4 functional coasters.

I followed the same process as the hybrid chick with the only deviation being the final coat was done with the 'Hard Coat' mod podge to insure the coasters can withstand hot and cold liquids.

I also added on self-stick rubber pads to the bottom to keep it from scratching the table.

CoasterBack copy

As for my next real life diy I'm thinking these.

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  1. yay, they look great!! now just remember to wait a month for that hard coat mod podge! :)