Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a little | real life diy #2

In an attempt to see if things I see on other blogs are as cool in person as they are online I am trying them out. Experiment #1 was a success and I am happy to report so was experiment #2!!

Here is the inspiration post and here are my results: (Please excuse my wrinkled piece of fabric, just too lazy to iron.)


It was a hard decision deciding what to stencil onto my bag and my fabric. I was inspired by these pillows and the idea is I will turn the piece of fabric into a lovely pillow. I'll keep you posted. As for the bag, well, I coach a high school dance team and I thought this would be the perfect bag to keep all of my dance team 'stuff'. So of course I went with our school mascot. I did, at the last minute, decide to wrap the tail around to the back instead of trimming it off and I really like the effect.

This was such an easy project and it turned out so well. Here are the steps I took:
Step #1: Cut out design from freezer paper.
Step #2: Iron on freezer paper to fabric.
Step #3: Spray with spray paint.
Step #4: Remove freezer paper once spray paint is dry.

I am sure you can use fabric paint, but I found spray paint to be fast and easy.

As for my next diy...hmmm...any ideas?

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